Reflection (here's how I scanned the original)

I'm sitting here in my back yard
Playing on my six string guitar 
Thinking about the life I lead 
And how lucky I am to just be me 
I don’t know how I could ask for more 
I’ve got the greatest family you could ever hope for 
They’re always willing to help me out 
I can count on them; I have no doubt 


stanzas 1-2 revised to regularize the meter to  trochaic tetrameter

Sitting here in my back yard     (dropped  the "I'm" to flip iambic into trochaic meter)

Playing my six-string guitar

Thinking of the life I lead      (I used distinguishing feet: dactyl & 2 iambs)

I'm so lucky to be me.

Couldn't even ask for more

Family's greatest, that's for sure.

Always willing to help out                  (help  could be  stressed, making final spondee)

Can count on them, I have no doubt.     (substitutes iambic for trrocahic line)

Try scanning the next 2 stanzas, and regularize it to iambs instead:

From help with school, to help with life
Their generosity is never trite 
They’re always here if I need to talk 
About this unknown path down which I walk 
Although take it for granted, I may 
I am more grateful than words can say 
To have a family that loves me true 
Of this I am sure, how about you?