Scansion Assignment, Due at the start of class, Friday 9/15

I have posted a double-spaced copy in Word of Seamus Heaney's Digging  here.

When you click this link, you will be prompted to save the file to your own desktop of disk. Do so, open it in Word, and then print it out. 
If for some reason you can't open the Word version, there is an html version as a web page. Click that, select the entire page, and copy the text into whatever word-processing software you use. Print it out, and proceed as above.

Your job is to scan the entire poem by marking on this printed copy the accented and unaccented syllables and where they fall. First decide on all of the accented/stressed syllables, then fill in the unaccented/unstressed ones.

Make your markings legible and above the syllables so your peer reader can see them well.

Use the standard convention such that unstressed/unaccented syllables are marked with  a small curve or  U   And accented syllables are marked with    /  or  X

(See Lennard p.  12,  Seagull Reader p. 36 for examples of each method)