Dr. Morillo
English 669

Final Proposals Rubric

Some categories scored with simple y(es) or n(o), but others are scored with A, B, C, D, F letter grade so you know what you've done best and what to work on in the future; your final grade for the propsal and course, however, is either Pass or Fail.


Title =



1) quality of idea =

2) situation of idea =

3) depth of understanding =

4) clarity and polish of writing  =

5) 3 Citations within text? =  (y/n)


15 Works Cited:

a) required number of 15? = (y/n)

b) distribution?( 3 bk, 3 essays or chaps, 1 other) = (y/n)

c) proper MLA entry format? = (x/15)




Final grade:

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