Honors 202 006: Discovering Literature--The Appeal of Pastoral                                                 Fall 2005

Tompkins G123.  M, W, 1:30-2:45
Section 006
Dr. Morillo

Research Project: Pastoral in Our Current Culture Assignment
Written and Oral parts graded as one unit worth 15% of final grade

Your job is to find any one current cultural artifact  that has some interesting connection to pastoral ideals and pastoral representations.  Your choice need not be limited to what would likely be defined by the pastoral genre, since we have seen that in 1937 and 1983 two movies not traditionally called pastorals nonetheless bear intriguing relationship to pastoral. You need to select any one item that you think shows something interesting about what has happened to pastoral now. Possible kinds of cultural artifacts may include but need not be limited to: literature, song lyrics, paintings, photographs, drawings, screensavers, music, dance, movies, television, advertising. As you've seen, presence of sheep is not a requirement. Alternatively, if you wish to present one particular idea from your longer final paper (on either Stoppard, Roth, or your chosen text if it is relatively current) that will also be fine as an example of reasonably current pastoral. 

Whatever you select you will then write up in 3-5 pages how you think your artifact makes an interesting contribution to what might count as pastoral discourse today. You are not out for coverage here. Instead focus on what makes some one feature (or several at the most) of your artifact interesting to you.  This written part is due Monday, Nov. 21, at the start of class.

You will turn in one copy to me and keep one for yourself, because you will use your copy to present briefly and orally your project to the class in the last week. We have 17 students, so you will each have to present for no more than 5-10 minutes,  grouped as follows:

Presenting on Monday, Nov. 28
Patrick Barefoot
Stacy Cain
Kristopher Kleiner
Kelly McGill
Justine Nomina
Christopher Rice
Rachel Watson
Riley Zeller-Towson

Presenting Wednesday, Nov. 30
Courtney Bowman
Jessica Fournier
Alec Happel
James Lawrence
Shalimarie Montalvo
Jonathan Price
Peter Venema
David Wingler