Honors 293: Representing Animals/Special Topics, Literature

Dr. Morillo

Examples of Primary Works for Research Papers

Seton, Ernest. Wild Animals I Have Known (1898; Canadian non-fiction)    <http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/3031>

Gipson, Fred. Old Yeller (1956; American young adult fiction)

Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty (1877; British young adult fiction)

Benchley, Peter. Jaws (1974; American adult fiction) / Speilberg, Steven. Jaws (1975; American film)

Samuel Pratt, Pity's Gift a collection of interesting tales, to excite the compassion of youth for the animal creation. (1798; Children's literature, British).  (ECCO database)

Robert Morris, A Reasonable Plea for the Animal Creation (1746; British non-fiction, argument for vegetarianism)

Downer, John. Wildlife Television ( 2011; British documentary films of animals via remote-robotic cameras) <jdp.co.u>

Orvis, Charles. Fishing with the Fly (1883; American non-ficition)

Beauties of Natural History (1777 British non-fiction) (ECCO database)

Delineation of Curious Foreign Beasts and Birds, Exeter Change Exhibition Catalog/ illustrations (1791 British non-fiction) (ECCO database)

Multum in parvo; or, everyman His own Vermin-Killer.... By a farmer, Who has made it his Study these seven Years. (1771 British, non-fiction) (ECCO database)


Kilner, Dorothy. The Rational Brutes: or, Talking Animals. London, 1799. Print.

---. The Life and Perambulation of a Mouse. 2 vols. London, 1790. Print. (British children’s literature)

Durrell, Gerald. Encounters with Animals (1958); A Zoo in My Luggage (1960)  ( British, non-fiction, worked as collector for zoos)

Green, Wallon. The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971; American film, man vs. insects for world domination)

Jacquet, Luc. March of the Penguins (2005; French, documentary film)

Nagle, Thomas. "What is it Like to Be a Bat?" ( 1974; American philosophy)

Orwell, George. Animal Farm (1945; British satire, fiction)


Kohl, Herbert. Should We Burn Babar? Essays on Children's Literature and the Power of Stories (1995 American essays)


Collier, John. His Monkey Wife (1931 British./American satire, fiction)