Dr. Morillo

English 251 006

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey's Model for "Love, That doth Reign and Live Within My Thought" (Norton, 553): Petrarch's Rime 140, A Sonnet.
Here is a version of Petrarch's Italian poem translated into literal English

Love, who reigns in my thought and keeps his principal seat in my heart, comes like an armed warrior into my forehead, there places himself and there sets up his banner. She who teaches me to love and to suffer and who wishes that reason, modesty and reverence should restrain my great desire and burning hope, thrusts aside and disdains our ardour. Wherefore Love in terror flies to my heart, abandoning all his enterprise, and laments and trembles; there he hides himself and no more appears without. What can I do, when my lord is afraid, except stay with him until the last hour? For he makes a fine end who dies loving well.
-- Patrick Cruttwell trans., The English Sonnet (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1966), p. 9.

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