Paper 3: Application of a Theory: Marxism

Length = 3- 5 pages

Due printed out on paper, in class Monday, March 25

Having now read a substantial selection of Marx, your task is to select whatever Marxist idea you find is  the most interesting  and illuminating when turned into a method of reading Fitzgerald’s “Diamond as Big as the Ritz”  and a way to make a particular argument about it. Be selective in choosing what you find to be the most useful or provocative ideas from Marx or Marxist criticism (Eagleton), and think about not only what the theory reveals about the story, but what the story may reveal about the theory. It may be that the story illuminates key issues or shortcomings in the theory and does not work to confirm the truth of the theory.  The whole range of Marxist ideas is fair game, from the theory of history as class struggle, to materialism, alienation, ideology and commodities. Read both the theory and the story with an open mind.

If you finish a draft before it is due you may send it to me as a file and I can offer comments for you to revise and improve it.