English 550
Romantic Period


Second Paper Assignment:

Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on a Romantic Work

Due as emailed file, by noon Nov. 22 (Tuesday)
1200 wordds


For this short but very common length for an academic review (1200 words), first choose any work on the syllabus that you would like to explore further, and then select one published criticism of that work.It may be in print or online, but it needs to be from no earlier than 2000. Evaluate the chosen critical essay. You willneed to do several things before you can write your paper: be able to summarize the critic’s argument; weigh the argument against your own interpretation of that primary text.Also consider the following issues: how to structure your paper; whether to include an explicit summary of the critical piece or not; how to evaluate the author’s assumptions, claims, theoretical stance, evidence etc.; how to evaluate style and readability. Be critical but also respectful of other peoples’ ideas. Criticism need not be synonymous with attack.

Along with your critical review, be sure to turn in an unmarked-up file (or xeroxed paper) copy of the published criticism if it is a short essay or book chapter.

Some sources for criticism

Print Journals 


Studies in Romanticism
The Wordsworth Circle
European Romantic Review
Keats-Shelley Journal
Nineteenth-Century Literature
Blake Newsletter
European Romantic Review

Online journals/series

Romantic Circles Praxis Series
Romanticism on the Net

Any book in the Cambridge Studies in Romanticism series

Some Romanticism Scholars of Note

Wordsworth: James Chandler, Geoffrey Hartman, Alan Liu, James Gill, Elizabeth Fay, John Rieder, Adam Potkay
Coleridge: James McKusick, David Punter, Charles Rzepka
Blake: David Erdman, Morris Eaves, Joseph Viscomi, W. J. T. Mitchell

Byron: Jerome McGann, Jerome Christensen, Andrew Elfenbein, Terrence Hoagwood

Keats: Jack Stillinger, Helen Vendler, Nicholas Roe, Thomas Pfau

Shelley: Stuart Curran, Kim Wheatley, Jerrold Hogle, William Keach, Cian Duffy

Romanticism: M. H. Abrams, Marilyn Butler, Paul DeMan, Jerome McGann, James Chandler, Kenneth Johnson, Orrin N. C. Wang, Theresa Kelley

ENG 550