More Utopian works by author, title and date

17th Century

Campanella, Thomasso. La citta del sole (1602)

Bacon, Francis. New Atlantis (1627

Platte, Gabriel. A Description of the Famous Kingdom of Macaria( 1641)

Gott, Samuel.  Nova Solyma, the Ideal City; or Jerusalem Regained (1648)

Harrington, James. Commonwealth of Oceana (1656)

Beller, John. Proposals for Raising a College of Industry (1695)

Anon. Free State of Noland (1696)


18th Century

Anon. The Island of Content (1709)

Dubourdieu, James. The Adventures and Surprising Deliverance of James Dubourdieu (1719)

Diderot, Denis. Supplement to the Voyage to Bougainville (1772)

Berington, Simon. The Adventures of Signior Guadentio de Lucca (1737)

Holberg, Baron. Journey to the World Underground (1741)

Kirkby, John. The Capacity and Extent of Human Understanding (1745)

Hume, David. “The Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth” (1752)

Morelly, Gabriel-Etienne. The Law of Nature (1755)

Hamilton, Mary. Munster Village (1778)

The Travels of Hildebrand Brown (1778)

Hodgson, William. The Commonwealth of Reason (1795)


19th Century

Lithgow, John. Equality: A Political Romance (1802)

Lawrence, James. Empire of the Nairs (1811)

Ellis, G. A. New Britain (1820)

Minter Morgan, John. The Revolt of the Bees (1826)

Cabet, Etienne. Voyage en Icarie [Travel in Icaria} (1840)

Bray, John F. A Voyage to Utopia (1842)

Davis, Ellis James. Pyrna: A Commune: or, Under the Ice (1875)

Anon. In the Future: A Sketch in Ten Chapters (1875)

Wright, Henry. Mental Travel in Imagined Lands (1878)

Hays, William. Three Hundred Years Hence (1881)

Hudson, W. H. A Crystal Age (1887)

Lane, Mary H. Mizora: A Prophecy (1889)

Petzler, John. Life in Utopia (1890)

Herbert, William. The World Grown Young (1892)

Howells, William Dean. Traveler from Altruria (1894)

Acworth, Andrew. A New Eden (1896)

Howard, Ebenezer. To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform (1898


20th Century

Kaolomera: The Story of a Remarkable Community (1911)