Goldsmith comes from and focuses on what country in The Deserted Village.

Why does Goldsmith go out of his way to describe the state of Georgia, in America, as an inhospitable, dangerous wilderness?

What is one explanation Goldsmith offers for why the villages are becoming deserted?


What is Pope’s religion. What is one way that fact matters to what he says in Windsor-Forest?

At the end of the poem, what does Pope hope most for England?

Why does Pope include a history of English kings and queens in his poem?


What episode in Gulliver’s third voyage most directly uses science fiction to suggest the way England ruled over Ireland?

Who are the Immortals and what does Gulliver learn from them?

How does Gulliver finally escape the island of the giant people? How does that fit a theme seem throughout his second voyage?

Explain one way Swift shows the fictional Lilliput to be like the real England ruled by Queen Anne.


Who is Oroonoko’s romantic rival in Africa?

Why does it matter that Oroonoko is renamed Caesar?

According to Oroonko, what is the worst but most consistent trait of the English colonists who rule Surinam?

What was Behn’s main job back in England?


Defoe was a dissenter. What is a dissenter?

How does Defoe show English readers that it is ridiculous for the English to despise foreigners out of principle?

What does Defoe claim is the one thing everybody in England, from kings to commoners,  really wants?

What surprising thing to King James II do to get himself kicked off the throne and William III made king instead?