Dr. Morillo ENG362 Midterm

Wed. Feb. 27, 1:30-2:45

General Instructions.


Put your name on the exam and each sheet you hand in.


Read each question well. Read them all before choosing the ones to answer. Think before you write. Write legibly. Keep focused on actually answering the question.


For each section, indicate the question you are answering simply by the section number I, II, or III followed by the question number  (1, 2, 3)


Section Instructions


Part I. Identification. Budget about 5 minutes for all of Part I

Write only enough to identify a word or phrase accurately and specifically. For example, if the question were "The Brewer," to answer "Oroonoko's father" would be wrong, earning no credit. To Answer "a guy in Roxana" would get only partial credit for getting the novel right, but failing to specify which man.  "Roxana's first husband" would be fully correct, as would "Roxana's first husband, the fool." To continue to elaborate more about how or why she calls him a fool, or what he goes on to do or say is not necessary.


Part II. Short Answer.  Budget about 30 minutes for Part II

In this section, choose 2 of 3 in each of the titled sub-categories to answer.

If the answer is more interpretive than factual, support your answer with some specific evidence.

As with our practice question quiz on Roxana, assume you will write about a paragraph for each question, taking about 3-5 minutes per answer, and producing typically from a third of a page to half a page per answer.  Some may be slightly shorter, some slightly longer.


Part III. Budget about 30 minutes for Part III.  15 points each, 30 total

Chose what you think is the most significant, most interesting, aspect of the passage to interpret and explain. Work with the details of what’s in the passage itself. Don't simply summarize or paraphrase what the passage says, and don't try to cover everything that's interesting in it. Pick the one feature you have the most interesting claims to make about, one that you think really matters and will help others understand the passage better. Develop your claims with some evidence. Write about a page for each answer.