Metaphors & Similes


In the bottle, the man was a kid that knew not how to swim.


Emotions are the diet of the heart.


Spoken names flit by my ears like the buzz of impossibly small insects.


Words spilled out of his mouth like water from a fractured pipe.


Family is like a railing


bring to me your heart's melodies


The tree was anchored to the ground by a maze of life


hate is a nicely placed famine


love doesn't come back even when you post missing signs with its picture on every telephone pole. it doesn't come back when you leave its favorite food by the door. it finds a new owner, a new patch of sun to lazily bask in and call home


college was like the window to her future


knock on the wood of life


In the blizzard of the world, everyone is a single snowflake, falling to their final destination, not knowing what that may be.


My family is a mirror


The book is a long road leading to forever


The lantern cut through the black bat night like a dull knife trying to cut a stone in half


The rose bush burn like the paper-thin victim


the maelstrom of despair


the baby face of fear


we shadow our own decisions