Fielding's Biblical Model for Joseph Andrews                               Dr. Morillo


Fielding alludes to a story in Genesis 39:7 (see pp. 70, 89 Broadview ed; I.5, I.10)

Joseph and Potiphar's wife


Now Joseph was well built and handsome, and it happened some time later that his

master's wife looked deliriously at him and said, 'Sleep with me'. But he refused, and

answered his master's could I do anything so wicked and sin against God?

But one day...the woman caught hold of him by his tunic and said 'Sleep with me'. But he

left the tunic in her hand and ran out of the house. Seeing he had left the tunic in her hand

and left the house, she called her servants and said to them, 'Look at this! He has brought

us a Hebrew to insult us. He came to me to sleep with me, but I screamed, and when he

heard me scream and shout he ran out....When the master heard his wife say 'This is how

your slave treated me ' he was furious. Joseph's master had him arrested and committed

to the gaol...


Genesis 37:5

Joseph's dream:

'We were binding sheaves in the countryside; and my sheaf, it seemed, rose up and stood

upright; then I saw your sheaves gather round and bow to my sheaf. 'So you want to be

king over us' his brothers retorted...


Genesis 45:3

Joseph to his brothers who, after Joseph's prophetic dream of the sheaves, sold him into slavery:

 'What if Joseph intends to treat us as enemies and repay us for all the wrong we did him?'

Joseph responds 'Do not be afraid; is it for me to put myself in God's place? The evil you

planned to do me has by God's design been turned to good, that he might bring about, as

indeed he has, the deliverance of a numerous people...