Fielding’s Many Discourses in Joseph Andrews                                Dr. Morillo


Classical Literature and Criticism:

Preface, (Aristotelian Criticism)

I.4.29 (epic simile)

 I.7.32 (sublime style)

I.8.33 (Homeric style)

I.14.56,  II.9.121, II.11.132-3 (neoclassicism)



I.3.21 (civil law)

I.9.40 (jury trial)

I.12.48 (criminal law)

I.14.58 (property law)

II.11.130 (justice of the peace; assizes)

II.5.108 (marriage)


Medicine I.14.56 (diagnosis)



I.16.67-8 and I.17.71 (published sermons)

I.17.72, II.14.150 (faith /good works)

II.11.133 (heterodoxy)


Politics II.8 (parliament & religious offices)



II.5.109-110 (Miss Grave-airs)

II.13.140-3 (low people and high people)


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