Haywood quiz, Love in Excess Part III:  Open Book


Don't rewrite the questions but be sure to put the proper number before your answers. The answers are all names. Just give the names, don't elaborate.



1.  My sister is Melliora, I was saved from attack by D’Elmont, my rival is Cittolini.


2.  My sister is Ciamara, my daughter is Violetta, I hired bravos to attack my rival.


3.  My late husband is Fialsco, my step-daughter is Camilla, my brother is Cittolini.


4.  I am Ciamara’s woman servant.


5.  I dropped an agnus dei (jeweled image of Christ) at St. Peters to catch D’Elmont’s interest.


6.  To whom is D’Elmont supposed to give a letter from Frankville?


7.  Who actually gets that same letter?