English 207Q

Final Exam Format                                                  points              what it tests


1. Identify word or short phrase. 10 @ 1 pt. each     10 pts.             knowledge


2.  match the name of the poetic form

to the description 5 @ 2 pts each`                             10 pts              knowledge


3. 10 (out of 12) short answer question                     30 pts              comprehension

and interpret short verbatim passages from

Seagull poems (author and title given) @ 3pts each


4. Essay on Critical Thinking, Poetry, Your Major   15 pts.             application

Consider what kinds of thinking skills are required by the field or major you are interested in pursuing in college.  One way to picture the kind of thinking that counts in your major is to recall what intellectual skills you see your professors demonstrating when they try to teach you that field or major. Then consider what kind of thinking skills you now employ while reading, interpreting, and writing poetry.  Write a brief essay of at least a page in which you explain what relationship you see between the thinking poetry requires of you, and the thinking your field or major requires of you. Is there a strong correspondence? Has thinking about poetry or writing it helped you to become a better thinker generally? Is being a better thinker necessarily about being a better critical thinker?
Make your answers as honest and detailed as you can.

5. Essay on Unseen Poem                                          25 pts.             application, synthesis,

(pick 1 of 3)                                                                                         evaluation


6. Hand in revised Papers 5 and 6                             10 pts.             analysis, creativity



                                                                                    100 pts.


Total time available: 3 hours


Monday, Dec. 11   8:00 AM, Tompkins G118