Curriculum Vitae

John D. Morillo                 
2606 Barmettler Street              
Raleigh, NC 27607              
(919) 515-4163

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University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637
Ph.D. in English, March 1994 (British literature and theory)
M.A. in English, June 1985 (British literature)

B.A. with honors in English, May 1982 (British literature)

Reed College, Portland, OR 97202

Professional Experience

Director of Graduate Programs, NC State English Department, July 2002-July 2005

Associate Professor of English, 2000-

Assistant Professor of English, North Carolina State University, 1994-

Instructor, North Carolina State University, 1993-4

Norman Maclean Instructor, University of Chicago, 1991

Awards, Honors, and Grants

National Outstanding Faculty Advisor, Certificate of Merit NACADA, Fall 2012

NC State Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award, Spring 2012

CHASS Summer Research Grant: Summer 2011, $2,000

CHASS Research Grant: Spring 2010, $1,000

CHASS Faculty Award: Author of Edited Volumes, 1997-8

North Carolina State University Faculty Research and Professional Development Grant, December 1995, $3,450

North Carolina State University Provost's Grant, May 1995, $3,000

Mrs. Giles Whiting Dissertation Fellowship, 1992-3

Professional Memberships

National Academic Advisors Association (NACADA)National Advisory Board to Romantic Circles Web Project, August1997.
Modern Language Association
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
Washington Area Romanticism Group
C18-L (interdisciplinary, international Eighteenth-Century Studies Online Group).


Uneasy Feelings: Literature, the Passions, and Class from Neoclassicism to Romanticism. AMS Studies in the Eighteenth Century 37. New York: AMS Press, 2001.

Book Chapters:

“Poetic Enthusiasm.” A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry. Ed. Christine Gerard.

Oxford: Blackwell, 2006. 69-82.


“Editing Eve: Rewriting the Fall in Austen's Persuasion and Inchbald's A Simple Story.” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 23.1 (2010): 195-223.

"John Dennis: Enthusiastic Passions, Cultural Memory, and Literary Theory." Eighteenth-

Century Studies 34.1 (2000): 21-41.

--- and Wade Newhouse. "History, Romance, and the Sublime Sound of Truth in Ivanhoe." Studies in the Novel 32.3 (2000): 287-295.

"Seditious Anger: Pope, James Stuart, and Jacobite Politics in Pope's Iliad Translation." Eighteenth-Century Life 19.2 (1995): 38-58.

"Vegetating Radicals and Imperial Politics: Shelley's Triumph of Life as Revision of Southey's Pilgrimage to Waterloo." Keats-Shelley Journal 43 (1994): 117-140.

Book Reviews :

Rev. of Terrae-Filius or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford (1721; 1726), by Nichoals Amhrst. Ed. William E. Rivers. Dover: University of Delaware Press, 2004. Forthcoming, The Scriblerian.

Rev. of Satire and Secrecy in English Literature from 1650 to 1750, by Melinda A. Rabb. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. Forthcoming, The Scriblerian.

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Rev. of Shelley and the Revolutionary Sublime, by Cian Duffy. Studies in Romanticism 46.1 (2007): 129-36.

Rev. of Pope and the Destiny of the Stuarts: History, Politics, and Mythology in the Age of Queen Anne, by Pat Rogers. Journal of British Studies 45 ( 2006): 895-6.

Rev. of Reconstructing Criticism: Pope's Essay on Criticism and the Logic of Definition, by Philip Smallwood. 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era 11 (2005): 562-7.

Rev. of The Problem of Poetry in the Romantic Period, by Mark Storey. Keats-Shelley Journal 52 (2003): 224-6.

Rev. of Byron and the Victorians, by Andrew Elfenbein. Studies in Romanticism 36.4 (1997): 663-671.

"Julia Kristeva." Thinkers of the Twentieth Century. Ed. Roland Turner. 2nd ed. St. James Press: Chicago, 1987. 419-20.

Under Review:

"Enthusiasm in Translation: Reading at the Limits of the Neoclassical Text." Chap. 1 of the collection Enthusiasm: Culture at the Limits of Politeness, ed. Gavin Budge, U Hertfordshire, UK. Collection submitted to Palgrave-Macmillan UK, Fall 2012. From reader's report on my essay: " An admirable essay. Asks a new question both of enthusiasm and the classical tradition. Very nuanced readings."

In Progress

"Shadow-Persons: Agency and Ideology in Pope's Self-Consuming Satires from The Rape of the Lock to the Epistle to Cobham." To resubmit.

Book proposal entitled "Representing Animals between Descartes and Darwin: the Historical Texture of Posthumanism in Eighteenth-Century Britain."

Online Publications: This represents my work for Romantic Praxis, a refereed scholarly series published only online. Romantic Praxis is the latest addition to Romantic Circles, voted one of the 21 best educational sites on the internet by the National Endowment for the Humanities, together with MCI Corporation and the Council for Great City Schools.

I am served as technical editor for this electronic series from 1996-2001. I transformed academic text into hypertext (HTML) and multi-media, and worked with authors and volume editors to present their material most effectively on the internet. I also edited for content and style.

Romanticism and Philosophy in an Historical Age. Eds. Karen Weisman and John Morillo. Romantic Praxis Series. Series eds. Orrin N. C. Wang and John Morillo (August 1999).

Romanticism and the Law. Eds. Michael Macovski and John Morillo. Romantic Praxis Series. Series eds. Orrin N. C. Wang and John Morillo. (March 1999).

Romantic Passions. Eds. Elizabeth Fay and John Morillo. Romantic Praxis Series. Series eds. Orrin N. C. Wang and John Morillo. (August 1998).

Romanticism and Conspiracy. Eds. Orrin N. C. Wang and John Morillo. Romantic Praxis Series. Series eds. Orrin N. C. Wang and John Morillo. (April 1997).


“Using Faculty as College Advisors.” With Dr. Linda Holley, and Dr. Cat Warren. National

Association of College Advisors (NACADA) Conference. Albemarle, NC. Jan 15, 2002.

"Manfred: Byronic Heroism and Romantic History." Adventures in Ideas Seminar on the English Romantics, with Drs. Joseph Viscomi (UNC-CH), Thomas Pfau (Duke), Sharon Setzer (NCSU). University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. November 11, 2000.

"The Politics of Passion in Eighteenth-Century Literate Culture." Guest lecturer, Department of English, Wabash College. Crawfordsville, IN, Nov. 1999.

"The Shade of Alexander Pope on the Banks of the Thames (1798): Wordsworth's Pope meets Mathias' Pope." British Association for Romantic Studies/North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. Twickenham, England; St. Mary's University, July 1998.

"Marx, Money, and the Analogy of the Passions." Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference. New Orleans, Loyola University, April 1998.

"Keats’ Urn, Neoclassicism, Sacrifice, and Historicism." North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. Boston, Boston University, Nov. 1996.

"The Corsair: Byron's Skeptical Critique of Benevolism." Byron Society Meeting. MLA convention, San Diego, Dec. 1994.

"Falling Into Quotation: Persuasion and the Fall of Woman." North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. Durham, Duke University, Nov. 1994.

"Bordering Upon Enthusiasm: Wordsworth and Crimes of Passion." Washington Area Romanticist Group. Fairfax, George Mason University, Feb. 1994.

"Robert Southey's Dream-Vision of Revolution." North American Society for the Study of Romanticism: Inaugural Conference. London, University of Western Ontario, Aug. 1993.

"Vulgar Passions and Common Readers: The Politics of Passion in John Dennis' Literary Criticism, 1701-1704." International Association of Philosophy and Literature Conference. Berkeley, U.C Berkeley, May 1992.

Graduate Theses / MA Capstones Directed

7 from 1995-2002; 7 from 2005-2010; 4 MA Capstones 2011-12

Courses Taught

Graduate: English 669, Bibliography and Methodology; English 563, Eighteenth-Century Novel; English 579, Restoration and 18th-Century Drama; English 562, Land and Money in the Eighteenth Century, and Studies in Genre and Decorum; English 650, Romantic Period.

Undergraduate: English 498 and English 491h Honors Courses in Utopian and Dystopian literature; The English Philosophical Poem from Neoclassicism to Romanticism; English 496, Literary Criticism; English 462, Eighteenth-Century Literature; English 453, Romantic Period; English Independent Study in Romanticism (tutorial); English 362, Eighteenth-Century Novel; English 262, English Literature II; English 251, Major British Authors. English 209 Studies in Drama; English 207Q Studies in Poetry, Freshmen Inquiry section; HON 298 Romanticism and the Discipline of Memory; Utopian and Dystopian Literature HON 293 Representing Animals.

Community and Public Service

Committee Service

College: Member, CHASS Graduate Committee (2002-5); Dean's Committee for Evaluating the English Department Head (Spring 99); CHASS Educational Technology Committee (96).

Department: Chair, Literature Program Committee (2011-); Literature Representative, Undergraduate Studies Committee (2011-); Chair, Graduate Council (2002-5); Ad hoc LAN Committee (2002-); Tenure and Promotions Review Committee (02); Advisory Committee (97-); Department Computer Coordinator (1999-); Industrial Relations Committee; Drama Hiring Committee (1999); Rhetoric and Composition Hiring Committee (1997-8); Curriculum Committee (1995-7); Victorian Hiring Search Committee (94-5); Library Committee (1994- ) English Club (95-6).