English 362

Creative Project Proposal


In 1 or 2 pages explain the kind of thing you wish to do to show a creative and intellectual engagement with the world of eighteenth-century novels (the texts, the authors, the literature culture from which they arose), and one that does not take the form of an argument or written interpretation.

Describe the value you see your project bringing to our general appreciation and understanding of this literary genre and period.Imagine what you could show with your project that could be different from (and perhaps better than) merely writing another academic essay about one or more of these books.

Iíll email you with feedback about whether your project needs refinement, tailoring, or other alterations.


This assignment asks you to create something that is not a written argument on paper, but that nevertheless shows a thoughtful and original response to one or several novels and novelists you've read for this class.  Projects should aim to draw on a unique strength or interest of yours, whether from another academic field besides literature (e.g. history, psychology, sociology, communications), from the fine arts, from design and engineering. 


Possibilities include:creative writing; visual arts of drawing, painting; music; film; animations; graphic novels; architectural and other models; textile arts; adaptations and modernizations.