Thirty Publications in Chronological Order during the First Year of the Collier Controversy (1698)


From Critical Works of John Dennis, vol. I, Ed. E. N. Hooker (pp. 468-9)



  1. Jeremy Collier. Short View. 1st ed.
  2. Charles Gildon. Phaeton
  3. Collier. Short View. 2nd ed.
  4. Anon. Vindication of the Stage
  5. Richard Willis? The Occasional Paper: Number IX. Containing Some Considerations about the Danger of Going to Plays
  6. Elkanah Settle. Defence of Dramaick Poetry.
  7. John Dennis. Usefulness of the Stage
  8. John Vanbrugh. Short Vindication of The Relapse and the Provoked Wife
  9. Anon. Letter to A. H., Esq.; Concerning the Stage
  10. Motteux. Beauty in Distress (w/ Dryden poem attacking Collier)
  11. Settle. Farther Defence of Dramatick Poetry
  12. Thomas D’Urfey. The Campaginers
  13. William Congreve. Amendments of Mr. Collier’s False and Imperfect Citations
  14. Anon. Letter to Mr. Congreve on his Pretended Amendments
  15. Anon. Animadversions on Mr. Congreve’s Late Answer to Mr. Collier
  16. George Ridpath? The Stage Condemn’d
  17. J. Bossuet. Maxims and Reflections on Plays
  18. Anon. The Immorality of the English Pulpit
  19. Collier. Defence of the Short View
  20. Anon. Some Remarks upon Mr. Collier’s Defence
  21. Anon. The Stage Aquitted
  22. Bousset. Maxims. 2nd ed
  23. James Drake. The Antient and Modern Stages Survey’d
  24. John Oldmixion. Reflections on the Stage, and Mr. Collyer’s Defence of the Short View
  25. James Wright. Historia Histrionica
  26. Josiah Woodard. An Account of the Societies for Reformation of Manners
  27. Collier. Second Defence of the Short View
  28. Daniel Defoe. The Pacificator. A Poem
  29. John Dryden. Fables Ancient and Modern (a few works address Collier)
  30. Anon. A Looking-Glass for the Actors and Frequenters of Stage Plays, Mummeries, Whitson Ales, Cards, Dice and other unlawful Recreations