Dr. Morillo

HON293i etexts


Blake, William, 1757-1827

 SONG [Memory, hither come]  

1   Memory, hither come,
2      And tune your merry notes;
3   And, while upon the wind,
4      Your music floats,
5   I'll pore upon the stream,
6   Where sighing lovers dream,
7   And fish for fancies as they pass
8   Within the watery glass.

9   I'll drink of the clear stream,
10      And hear the linnet's song;
11   And there I'll lie and dream
12      The day along:

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13   And, when night comes, I'll go
14      To places fit for woe;
15   Walking along the darken'd valley,
16      With silent Melancholy


from The Poetry (1965): POETICAL SKETCHES]