In bod is Elizabeth Carter’s untranslated Greek epigraph to Ode to Melancholy, from Sophocles’ tragedy Ajax; omitted from your edition of the poem


      O darkness, now my daylight,
      O gloom of Erebus, for me
      the brightest light there is,
      take me, take me now
      to live with you.* Take me,
      a man no longer worthy to seek help
      from families of gods or men,                                   470           [400]
      those creatures of a day. 
      For Zeus’ daughter, brave Athena,
      abuses and destroys me.                     
      Where can one escape?
      Where could I go and rest?
      If my past fame has been cut down,
      along with these dead beasts beside me,
      then, my friends, if I now seek
      a madman’s triumphs, all the army,
      with repeated blows from their own swords                         480
      will cut me down as well.