ENG 669

Assignment 9, Citation Practice

Due printed on paper in class,

Wednesday, Nov. 14 Wed. section

Monday, Nov. 19 Monday section

Each of the items will be formatted as proper Works Cited bibliographic entry. Do not alphabetize all 10 against each other, except for the trio of answers in #3. Each item has all the raw, unformatted information you need for the entry, given in no particular order. However, all you need is there; no source hunting necessary. Find the appropriate section in MLA Handbook or, if there is not an exact match, the closest type of item to help you format an entry correctly.



 Title of novel: A Simple Story

Author of novel: Elizabeth Inchbald

Original publication date of novel: 1791

Modern editor of novel: Anna Lott

Modern republisher of novel: Broadview Press

Modern place of publication: Toronto

Modern date of publication of novel: 2007

Name of series: Broadview Editions.

Medium: print



Editor: Ella Shohat

Title of book: Talking Visions: Multicultural Feminism in a Transnational Age

Publisher: MIT Press

Place of publication: Cambridge, MA

Medium: print

Publication date: 1999


3. The answer to #3 contains 3 entries, and do alphabetize these 3 against each other: Cross reference Mason and Hammond in Gerrard’s ed.; assume your Works Cited lists only one work by Gerrard:

Title of Emma Mason’s essay: “Poetry and Religion”

Pages of Mason’s essay: 4-67

Title of Brean Hammond’s essay: “Verse Satire.”

Pages of Hammond’s essay: 369-85.

Mason, Emma. “Poetry and Religion.” Gerrard 4-67.

Hammond, Brean. “Verse Satire.” Gerrard 369-385.

Editor of collection: Christine Gerrard.

Title of Collection of Essays: A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry.

Place of publication: Oxford, UK

Medium: print

Publisher and date : Basil Blackwell, 2006



Medium: Web

Title : Dangerous Methodology: Interview with David Cronenberg

Journal: Film Quarterly

Volume number: 65

Issue number: 3

Inclusive pages: 19-23

Online database containing essay: JSTOR

Date of print publication: 2012

Date of access: 22 Oct.  2012



Title of essay: Canonical and Non-canonical: a Critique of the Current Debate

Author of essay: John Guillory


publication date: 1987

Journal:  ELH

Volume # = 54

issue# = just uses vol. numbers

Medium: print

Pages of essay: 36-54.


6. Defined word: “spline”

Title of dictionary: Oxford English Dictionary Online

Edition: 2nd

Publisher Online: Oxford UP

Date of online edition: 1989.

Medium: Web

Date of access: 26 0ct. 2010


7. Unpublished Dissertation in Online Database

Author of dissertation: Wade W. Newhouse

Degree-granting institution: Boston U, for the PhD

Date: 2004.

Title of dissertation: Home/Front: Domesticity, Nationalism, and the Narrative of Civil War from Reconstruction to the 1930s

Online database containing dissertation: Dissertations and Theses, Full Text, Proquest

Medium: Web

Date of access: 26 Oct. 2010



Author: Wallis, Thomas A

Title: Martin Scorsese's Cinema of the Grotesque : Understanding Cape Fear through Flannery O'Connor's Irony

Type of text: MA thesis

Date of finished thesis: 1994

Medium: print (thesis is unpublished)

Degree-granting institution: North Carolina State U, for the MA



Title : Scott Squashed: Chapbook Versions of The Heart of Midlothian

Author: David Buchanan

Title of Online Journal: Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Volume #: 56

Date of essay: 2009

Inclusive paragraphs: 16 pars.

Web publisher: University of Montreal

Web publication date: 2009

Medium: web

Date of access: 2 Nov. 2012.



Editors: Elizabeth Weed and Naomi Schor

Place of publication: Bloomington

Press: Indiana UP

Date of publication: 1997

Medium: print

Title : Feminism Meets Queer Theory