English 669: Methods and the Profession
Assignment 5
Dr. Morillo

 MLA Bibliography: Works Cited Entries

12 answers
8 of 12 correct to pass

Due Monday, Oct. 9 printed out; you may turn it in sooner via email attachment (just watch your text formatting for indents etc. if you use google docs)

Entries are all real and are from published research representing a current range of media common in English scholarship. All the raw information is there, but it is arranged in no particular order. The correct style, order and form for each entry is what you must figure out via appropriate sections in the MLA Handbook.

Whenever possible, lead with author position as first item in entries. Each of your answer will be one complete, well-formatted Works Cited entry. Do not alphabetize them all against each other as in a real Works Cited, but do follow all MLA Handbook 8th edition rules for capitalization, punctuation, and indenting. Proof your work.

1.  Cite this book
titleThe Location of Culture

author: Homi K. Bhabha
publisher: Routledge

publication date: 1991



2. Cite this PMLA article

author: Wendy S. Hesford

issue number: 3

volume number: 121

journal title: Publications of Modern Language Association

title of article: Global Turns and Cautions in Rhetoric and Composition Studies

inclusive pages of article: 787-801

publication date: 2006



3. Cite this article in a periodical

Title of periodical: New York Times Book Review

Author of article in periodical: Joy Williams

Title of article in periodical: Rogue Territory

Inclusive pages of article: starts on page 1, and continues beyond that page

Date of publication: 9 Nov. 2014


 4. Cite this essay from an edited collection:

Author of essay: Toril Moi

Title of essay: Representation of Patriarchy: Sexuality and

Epistemology in Freud’s Dora

editors of book: Charles Bernheimer and Claire Kahane

book title: Dora’s Case: Freud—Hysteria—Feminism

publisher: Columbia University Press

date of publication: 1985

inclusive pages of essay: 181-99


5. cite this video; author/director unknown, start with title
title of video: Alison Bechdel Talks with Katie Roiphe

Title of video website: YouTube

Date video posted: 16 Oct. 2012

url of online video: www .youtube .com/ watch?v=J_




6.  Cite Harold Bloom’s foreword to this book
editors: Lloyd Schwartz and Sybil P. Estess
publisher: University of Michigan Press
publication date: 1983
title of book section: Foreword

author of book section: Harold Bloom

inclusive pages of book section: ix-xi
book title: Elizabeth Bishop and Her Art



cite this dissertation:

Title of PhD dissertation: In Modernism’s Wake: The Reinvention of Mourning in Woolf, Faulkner, Winterson, and Morrison

Degree-granting institution: Florida State University

Author of dissertation: Tammy Clewell

Date of degre: 2000



8. Cite the contained element (the dissertation), and the container (the database)
Title of PhD dissertation: Violent Belongings: Nationalism, Gender and Postcolonial Citizenship

degree-granting institution: University of Chicago

Author of dissertation: Kavita Daiya

Date of degree: 2001

Database containing dissertation text: ProQuest Dissertations Publishing

url of container database: https://search-proquest-com.prox.lib.ncsu.edu/dissertations/docview/304739177/6F1AE2F24B4048CAPQ/1?accountid=12725



9. Cite this earlier work reproduced in a modern containing database

Title: Essays on Rhetoric: Abridged Chiefly from Dr. Blair’s Lectures on that Science

Author: Hugh Blair

Date of publication: 1784

Print publisher: J. Murray

url for e-text: http://find.galegroup.com.prox.lib.ncsu.edu/ecco/infomark.do&source=gale&prodId=ECCO&userGroupName=ncsu_main&tabID=T001&docId=CB3327452590&type=multipage&contentSet=ECCOArticles&version=1.0&docLevel=FASCIMILE

Database title: Eighteenth Century Collections Online



10. Cite this Digital Humanities web project by authors:
Site url:

Authors: Paul Fyfe et al.

Title of project: Victoria’s Lost Pavilion: Recreating the Arts in Digital Space

publication date: 2017



11. cite this chapter from a collection of essays

Title of chapter: “Freud and Literature”

Author of chapter and book: Lionel Trilling

Date of publication: 1950

Publisher: Viking Press

Title of book: The Liberal Imagination: Essays on Literature and Society

Inclusive pages of chapter: 34-57


12. cite this translated article about Ballard’s movie

journal title: Science Fiction Studies
author of article: Jean Baudrillard

Translator of article: Arthur B. Evans

volume number of journal: 18
issue number of journal: 3
publication date: 1991
inclusive pages of article: 313-320
title of article: Ballard’s Crash