English 669: Bibliography and Methodology
Assignment 5
Dr. Morillo

Assignment 5: Reading and Responding to Your Faculty's Published Work

First, go to this page NCSUfac.html

Listed alphabetically are faculty in the English department and some of their recent publications. Choose a faculty member from a field that interests you, click the person's name, and then do the following:

1)  retrieve the full text, either electronically, if available that way, or in print from the library. If a work is listed as "unavailable" and you have time to have it sent from another Triangle library, you may wish to use TRIPSAVER service at D.H. Hill to get the text.
If the work you seek is already checked out, pick another one, or find out who has it and share.

2) if none of the works on NCSUfac.html interests you, or to find the most recent publications, use  the Library's "Find Articles" link on the home page: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/
Many of our same faculty authors have published articles available listed in this database and available in full online text as .html or .pdf files. Or try the NCSU Scholarly Publications link on the library home page, same column as Find Articles.

Search by name of faculty, last, first or first last works.

Once you've retrieved the full text either in print or electronically, you will write a 1-page paper as follows:

If you choose a book and it has an introduction, read it and write a brief, 1-or-2-paragraph summary of the argument.  If the book is an edited collection, chose the piece by our faculty member to summarize and evaluate as above.  If the book has no formal introduction, read around in it to be able to write the same 1- or 2-paragraph summary as above. If the work is a scholarly article, read the full article in order to accurately summarize the argument. For a work of fiction or poetry, summarize what it is about, or say something about its style, based on your sample reading.

Remember that all of these scholars & artists work here, so do consider using your knowledge of their work as a calling card for meeting them, as well as using this information about their research to choose classes and MA project advisors that best fit your interests and needs.

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