Assignment 4


Due printed out, in class Wednesday section, Wed. Oct. 10
Monday section, Monday Oct. 15

However many you missed on Assignment 4, you will chose that same number from the 8 questions below . Each correct one will substitute for one you missed on Assn 4. You are looking to bring your total correct answers up to 6 to pass.


As with Assignment 4, each numbered question will give you the raw material information you need to construct a single, well-formatted Works Cited bibliographic entry. Lead with author position. Do not alphabetize the entries against each other, but do be sure to follow all rules for indents, formatting, capitalization in titles, punctuation, specified media etc.  Don’t reprint the question information, just the answers are needed. Refer to the MLA Handbook for guidance and examples of entries that best match the kind of entries you encounter in each question.




Book title = The Marx-Engels Reader

author of article = Karl Marx

medium = print

publisher = Norton

place of publication = New York

date of publication = 1978
inclusive pages of article = 143-45
editor of book = Robert C. Tucker
edition = 2nd
title of article = Theses on Feuerbach



journal title = PMLA

volume number = 121
issue number = 1

publication date of journal = 2006

medium = print

author of introduction = Leah Price
inclusive pages of article = 9-16

title of introduction = Reading Matter
part of work = introduction



author of poem = William Wordsworth

medium = print
title of poem = Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

volume in which poem appears = 1

title of book  = The Poems

editor of book = John O. Hayden

publication date of edition = 1981

publisher of edition = Yale UP

place of publication = New Haven

pages of poem = 523-29



title of print publication = New York Times Book Review

title of article = On Writers and Writing: Texts for Our Time

page of article = 27

publication date of article = 30 Sept. 2001

author of article = Margo Jefferson

medium = print




medium = web

author of article online = Melissa Denes

title of article online = Picture Perfect
title of online newspaper = Guardian
publisher of online newspaper = Guardian News and Media
date of online publication = 15 Oct. 2005.
date of access = 30 Sept. 2012


author = Thomas Shepard

title of prose text = A Short Catechism

publisher = Samuel Green

date of publication = 1654

place of publication = Cambridge

medium = web

title of database work was accessed in = Early English Books Online

date of access = 30 Sept. 2012



title of article = Trying to Move On

author of newspaper article = David Filipov

pages of article = A1+

medium = print

title of newspaper = Boston Globe

date of publication = 11 Sept. 2008



author of article = Karen J. Engle

title of journal = Theory, Culture, and Society
title of article = Putting Mourning to Work: Making Sense of 9/11

issue of journal = 1

volume of journal = 24

date of print version of publication = 2007

medium = web

inclusive pages of article = 61-88
date of access = 14 Apr. 2008