English 669: Bibliography and Methodology
Assignment 2
Dr. Morillo

 Assignment Two: Reading and Evaluating Graduate-level and Professional Abstracts

Research scholars need to know how to find and save abstracts, those quick summaries of academic and professional arguments. Online databases have made this a much faster process. Some of the top journals in both literature and languages and rhetoric and composition publish short abstracts with every essay, and you'll be using those plus the standard database for all collected dissertation abstracts, Dissertation Abstracts International via ProQuest.

You will turn in, on paper, 6 reprinted abstracts (via copy/paste) and written evaluations of the best and worst one. Everything can be single-spaced. Follow all instructions below.


1) SAVE and PRINT 2 abstracts of artilces in Publications of the Modern Language Association (PMLA)

How to retrieve 2 abstracts from PMLA
2) SAVE and PRINT 2 Abstracts of artilces in Dissertation Abstracts International/ Humanities
How to retrieve 2 abstracts from DAIA
3) SAVE and PRINT 1 abstract of an article in College Composition and Communication
How to retrieve abstracts from CCC
4) SAVE and PRINT 1 abstract of an article from any other journal you can find online that publishes abstracts of articles. Not all do, so explore journal titles in your field(s) of interest.

5) Chose whichever one of the 6 reprinted abstracts you think is most effective, and explain why you like that abstract best.
Choose one other one you think is worst, and briefly explain what is wrong with it. Write a paragraph for each evalution.

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