English 669: Methods and the Profession
Assignment 1
Dr. Morillo

 MLA Bibliography: Works Cited Entries

Due Monday, August 28, printed out on paper at the start of class

12 answers
8 of 12 correct to pass

Entries are all real and are from published research representing a current range of media common in English scholarship. All the raw information is there, but it is arranged in no particular order. The correct style, order and form for each entry is what you must figure out via appropriate sections in the MLA Handbook.

Each of your answer will be one complete, well-formatted Works Cited entry.


Do not alphabetize them all against each other as in a real Works Cited, but do follow all MLA Handbook 8th edition rules for italicizing, capitalizing, punctuating, and indenting. Proof your work with your eyes and brain, not just your spell checker.

1.  Cite this book

publisher: University of California Press

publication date: 2007

titleDirt: The Erosion of Civilizations

author: David R. Montgomery

2. Cite this article

author: Christopher Douglas

issue number: 3

volume number: 44

journal title: Novel: A Forum in Fiction

title of article: Christian Multiculturalism and Unlearned History in Marilynne Robinsonís Gilead

inclusive pages of article: 333-353

publication date: 2011

3. Cite this magazine article


title of magazine: Nature

author of article in magazine: Paul J. Crutzen

title of article in magazine: The Geology of Mankind

page of article: 23

date of publication: 3 Jan. 2002


4. Cite the essay in this edited collection

essay title: Difference, Discrimination and the Discourse of Colonialism

author of essay: Homi K. Bhabha

editors of book: Francis Barker et al.

book title: The Politics of Theory: Proceedings of the Essex Conference on the Sociology of Literature, July 1982

publication date: 1983
: University of Essex Press

inclusive pages of essay: 194-211

5. Cite this early modern book in its modern database


author: John Toogood

title: The Book of Nature: A Discourse On Some of Those Instances of the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, Which Are Within the Reach of Common Observation. By the Rev. John Toogood, of Kington Magna, Dorset

edition: third

place of Publication: Sherbourne

publication date: possibly 1798, but date not certain

Database containing this work: Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (ECCO)

database url:http://find.galegroup.com.prox.lib.ncsu.edu/ecco/infomark.do?&source=gale&prodId=ECCO&userGroupName=ncsu_main&tabID=T001&docId=CW3323386036&type=multipage&contentSet=ECCOArticles&version=1.0&docLevel=FASCIMILE


6.  Cite this essay in a named volume of a multivolume work

editor: Stuart N. Clarke
publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

publication date of volumes: 2009
title of essay: How Should One Read a Book?

author of essay: Virginia Woolf

inclusive pages of essay: 572-593
volume title: The Essays of Virginia Woolf; 1929-1932 

volume number in multivolume work: Vol. 5 of The Essays of Virginia Woolf


7. Cite this conference paper

paper title: Truth in Advertising: Errol Morris and the Poetics of Documentary Commerce

conference title: Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)

date presented: 11-13 March, 2011
author of conference paper: Devin Orgeron

place paper presented: New Orleans, LA


8. Cite the contained element (the dissertation), and the container (the database)

title of PhD dissertation: Mediating Atomistic Ontologies: LEGO, Synthetic Biology, and a Digital Episteme

degree-granting institution: North Carolina State University

author of dissertation: Sarah K. McKinney Maddalena

date of dissertation: 2014

database containing dissertation text: NC State Repository

url of dissertation: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/9473


9. Cite this translated work, including original publication date


title: Essence of Christianity

author: Ludwig Feuerbach

translator: George Eliot

original date of publication: 1841

publisher: Harper and Brothers

modern publication date: 1957


10. Cite the specific subpage within this web project:

title of subpage in website: What We Do

page url: pricelab.sas.upenn.edu/about/what-we-do

author: none stated

title of main website: Price Lab for Digital Humanities

web publication date: 2017

web publisher: Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania


11. Cite the film by title


film title: Hidden Figures

director: Theodore Melfi

studio and distributor: Levantine Films / Chernin Entertainment / Fox 2000 Pictures

date of film release: 2016


12. Cite this essay in an edited collection that is part of a named series

series title and number in series: ICA Documents 7

author of essay: Stuart Hall

editor of collection: Kobena Mercer

publisher of collection: Institute of Contemporary Arts
title of collection: Black Film / British Cinema
publication date: 1998
inclusive pages of essay: 27-31
title of essay: New Ethnicities