English 669: Bibliography and Methodology
Assignment 1
Dr. Morillo

 MLA Bibliography: Works Cited Entries

15 answers
10 of 15 correct to pass

Both sections will turn this in, printed out on paper, on Wed. Aug. 29. If you are in Monday section and cannot come to Wed. at the start of class to drop off the assignment you may turn it in via emailed file, but please turn in paper if you can.

  Titles are all real and are from
published research cited by both professionals and students, representing a current range of media. All the raw information is there, but the correct style, order and form for each entry is what you must figure out via appopriate sections in the MLA Handbook (paper or online).

Whereever possible, lead with author as first item in entries. Each answer is one complete, well-formatted Works Cited entry. Do not alphabetize them all against each other as in a real Works Cited.

title:  The Company We Keep: An Ethics of Fiction
author: Wayne C. Booth
publisher: University of California Press
publication date: 1992
publication place: Berkeley
medium: print

medium: print
chapter title: Imagination in Place
book title: The Way of Ignorance
inclusive pages of chapter: 39-52
publication date: 2005
publisher: Counterpoint
publication place: Berkeley
author: Wendell Berry

authors: Roman Jakobson and Linda R. Waugh
medium: print
book title: The Sound Shape of Language
publisher: Indiana University Press
publication place: Bloomington
publication date: 1979

translator: Robert Fagles
author: Homer
book title: The Odyssey
publication date: 1996
publisher: Viking
publication place: New York
medium: print

title of article: Place Deixis and the Schematics of Imagined Space: Milton to Keats
author: Mark J. Bruhn
journal title: Poetics Today
volume number: 26
issue number: 3
date of print publication: 2005
inclusive pages of article: 387-432
date of reseracher's access: 3 Oct. 2011
medium: print and online journal

medium: print
author: Geoffrey Chaucer
editor: F. W. Robinson
publisher: Houghton
publication date: 1957
publication place: Boston
edition: 2nd
collection title: The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

dissertation title: Blurred Distinctions: Emerging Forms of Academic Writing
degree: PhD
degree-granting institution: University of New Mexico
year of degree: 1996
publisher: not published
date of publication: none, unpublished dissertation
medium: print
author: Denise R. Stephenson

  Title of Essay: Michel Foucault and the Question of Rhetoric
Volume # of journal: 25
Issue # of journal: 4
Pubulication year: 1992
Inclusive pages of essay: 351-364
Journal Title Philosophy and Rhetoric
Author of essay: Barbara Biesecker
Medium: print

title: The Time Machine
original publication date: 1895
modern publication place: London
modern publication date: 1992
modern publisher: Dent
medium: print
author of book: H. G. Wells

medium: web
author: Nicholas Carr
title: Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains
magazine title: The Atlantic
publication issue date: July - August 2008
online publisher: The Atlantic
pages of essay: no pages given
date of reseracher's access: 1 Oct. 2011

Committee on Second Language Writing and Writers
title of article:
"CCCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers."
site of online publication: CCC Homepage
online publisher: CCCC
date posted/published: Nov. 2009
medium: web

date of access: 1 Nov. 2011

film title:
It's a Wonderful Life
release date:
Frank Capra
James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, and Thomas Mitchell

online only journal title: PostModernCulture: An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism
author of essay: Krister Friday
volume number of journal: 13
issue number of journal: 3
posting/publication date of journal: 2003
pages of essay: no pages given, but 38 paragraphs long
medium: web
date of reseracher's access: 8 Aug. 2012
title of essay: A Generation of Men Without History: Fight Club, Masculinity, and the Historical Symptom
author: William Wordsworh
medium: web
date of reseracher's access: 17 Oct. 2011
site of online posting: Bartleby.com
nline publisher: Bartleby.com
date of online publishing: no date given
title of poem: Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

15 for this entry you are citing the complete, multivolume work

author: Arthur Conan Doyle
title: The Oxford Sherlock Holmes
publisher: Oxford University Press
place of publication: New York
date of publication: 1993
medium: print
number of volumes: 9
editor: Owen Dudley Edwards

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