INSIDE CHANDRAPORE :  Where, What and Who in A Passage to India


Chandrapore (on the Ganges River, a fictional town located in central India, within a half-day train or auto trip from the real Simla, in the Himalyan foothills )

Languages spoken or mentioned in the novel: English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi

Indian peoples in the novel: Gurkhas, Rajputs, Jats, Punjabi, Marathas, Bhils, Afridis, Pathans (204)

Time of year: early spring, shortly before the Moslem festival of Mohurram [also spelled Muhurram] (102-3, 213)


Anglo-Indians                                                                                                                                   Visiting English

Mr. Turton (27,25 ) “The Collector” the “Burra Sahib” (235)                                           Mrs Moore—Ronny’s mother (18)

Mrs. Turton        (14)                                                                                                                        Adela Quested (22, 47) Ronny’s potential fiancee

Major Callendar—Civil Surgeon/medical doctor (23,140)                                                Stella Moore- Ronny’s half-sister

Ronny Heaslop—City Magistrate (51-3)                                                                                 Ralph Moore—Stella’s younger brother, Ronny’s half-brother

Mr. Cyril Fielding—teacher, Principal of Government College (25, 64)

Mr Graysford –Christian missionary (37)

Mr Sorley—Christian missionary

Miss Nancy Derek – works for a Hindu woman

Mrs. Callendar—the Major’s wife

Mr. McBryde- Chief of Police

Mrs. McBryde – his wife

Lady Mellanby—wife of the powerful Lord Gilbert Mellanby


Muslim Indians                                                                                                                                                Hindu Indians

Nawab Bahadur (35-6)   richest Moslem in Chandrapore                                                Narayan Godbole—professor, works with Fielding (140)

Dr. Aziz (12,16, 55)- medical doctor, skilled surgeon                                                          Panna Lal—medical doctor (116)

Hamidullah- Chief Barrister , lawyer educated at Cambridge, Englandj                     Mrs. Bhattacharya (43)

Hamidullah Begum- Hamidullah’s wife                                                                                   Das – magistrate who works for Ronny

Mahmoud Ali—Pleader(defense attorney),                                                                        Amritrao – powerful lawyer from Calcutta

Mohammed Latif- old and poor relative of Hamidullah’s                                                Outcast – the punkah wallah

Syed Mohammed – an engineer

Haq – police inspector

Ahmed, Karim, Jemila – Aziz’s 3 children, live with their grandmother (20)




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