Some Jobs Held by NCSU MAs in English (1996-2015)


Associate Professor of English, NC State Univesity

Associate Professor of English, Peace University, Raleigh (PhD Boston University, American Literature)

Assistant Professor of English, Southeastern U (PhD UNC Greensboro)

Assisant Professor of Rhetoric & Writing, Virginia Tech (PhD Purdue)

Assitant Professor/Director New Media Studies, DePaul U (PhD Rensselaer)

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology and Licensed Professional Counselor (Phd UNC CH) Private Practice, Raleigh

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas (PhD U Texas Dallas, American literature and creative writing)

Academy Professor of Literature, West Point (PhD U Washington); Major, US Army

Instructor of English, West Point.  Captain, US Army.

Assistant Professor of English, George Mason University (MFA George Mason)

Assistant Professor of Communications, Randolph College (MA NCSU film, PhD Indiana U Communication and Culture; also won Fullbright)

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English, St. Augustine College

Senior Lecturer in English, Assistant Director First Year Writing Program NC State U

English Lecturer, NC State

Instructor in Film, St. Petersburg College FL

Lecturer in English, UNC Greensboro

Lecturer in English, Grace College of Divinity

8th-Grade English Teacher, Monroe, Alabama

8-12th-Grade Teacher, St Mary's School Raleigh

Teacher, Teach for America


    PhD in English (Aug. 2010),
U Florida (18th-C British)  

PhD in Divinity, Harvard

Candidate for PhD:   Yale (Medieval lit) Stony Brook NY (film) U Georgia (American lit); Emory (American Lit) Colorado (17th-18th C) U Houston (literature and creative writing) Northwestern (Renaissance) U California, Davis (Romanticism); U Kentucky (18th-19thC British); U St. Louis (Pop and Mass Culture Studies) Purdue (rhetoric & composition) NC State (Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media)

PhD students who attend(ed) UNC Chapel Hill  3 in Medieval,1 in Comparative Literature, 1 in Southern Literature, 1 18th-century, 2 American

Student in Screen and Television Writers Program, USC

Student, Cardozo School of Law, NY

     Associate Director, Undergraduate Tutorial Center, NC State

Senior Web Developer and Manager, IBM

Published Novelists:

Author of Being Written, Kara Was Here;

Author of Souvenir, Z (adapted and produced by HBO)

Publishing: Duke University Press

Editorial intern, Algonquin Books

Marketing Director, Carolina Academic Press

Managing Editor, NC State Alumni Magazine

Senior Copywriter, Demand Signals

Communications Assistant to the Chancellor, NC State

Technical Writer, Allscripts

Video Editor, Los Angeles

Production Manager, Screen Writer, Los Angeles

Specical Assistant to the Director of Libraries, NC State; Owner, So and So Books; poet

Writer and Editor, University Communications, NC State; novelist

Advertising Copy Writer; poet

Manager, American Institute of CPAs

Artist and Art Critic

Film Director