New Questions for Assignment 1, Questions #10, #11

Since these are to be submitted electronically, both Wed. and Monday groups' answers will be due by 5pm this Friday.

For each entry please include all the given information. Write your 2 answers in a Word or PDF file. Email your answers as an attachment to me. Use this formula for the email header: your last name 669. PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT YOUR LAST NAME IN THE NAME OF THE FILE. That way I can quickly identify and sort the sections. I'll email your score out of 15.



title of web page cited: National Center for Education Statistics.


author of web page: U. S. Institute of Education Services.


publisher of web page: U. S. Department of Education


date page web-published: no date given


date of access by researcher: 10 Oct. 2009


url of web site:


medium: web

U. S. Institute of Education Services. National Center for Education Statistics. U. S. Department of Education, n. d. Web. 10 Oct. 2009. <>.



Article title: The South’s Best Tailgate

Pages of article: 90-96

Article author: Caroline McKenzie

Print publication date: September 2012

Magazine title: Southern Living

Title of database where article found: MasterFILE Complete.

Medium: web

Date of researcher’s access: 5 Sept. 2012

McKenzie, Caroline. "The South's Best Tailgate." Southern Living Sept. 2012: 90-96. MasterFileComplete. Web. 4 Sept. 2012.