English 669

Dr. Morillo

Bibliography and Methods of Research

  M W 3:00-4:15 Tompkins G112

Fall 2012

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This course introduces you to the world of research; the current profession; your department and our research and writing expectations for you. Class lectures and discussions will include expanding domains of current research materials available in both print and electronic media; the variety of methods in current English studies. You will become familiar with some of the intellectual endeavors that make up modern research in the humanities, begin your own research, and refine the formal, professional oral and written presentation of your information.

Learning Outcomes:

Required Print Texts @ NCSU Bookstore

1) MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.* Ed. Joseph Gibaldi et al. 7th ed. New York: MLA, 2009.
$22 new; $18 used

once you own this text you are granted access to the online support for it, including hundreds more practice examples of bibliography and citation. The URL is on the back of the book.
follow the steps to activate your access.

Even if you have a used copy you can use my info to login to
www.mlahandbook.org    username = morillo@unity.ncsu.edu     password = bibmeth09
 The site contains the complete book online, so you can always have the book available if you have a laptop.

2) Introduction to Scholarship in Modern Languages and Literatures. Ed. David G. Nicholls. 3rd ed. New York: MLA, 2007.
$25 new  n.b. abbreviated to ISMLL in syllabus

Course Requirements:

*Late assignments are accepted only one class late, and with penalty. Any assignments arriving later than that will not be accepted.

How I Figure Your Grades

You must complete all the required work to pass the class.  I will grade plus/minus.

Plagiarism: Anyone convicted will receive an F for the paper, or the course at my discretion.
And yes, I have caught people in the past.

Late Papers: Papers received ONE class session late will be accepted but docked a full grade.
No late papers will be accepted after one class session late.

Disabilities: Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus
            Box 7509, 515-7653. http://www.ncsu.edu/dso/

Academic Integrity Assumption
Universities are unique communities committed to creating and transmitting knowledge. They depend on freedom - individuals' freedom to explore ideas and to explore and further their own capabilities. Those freedoms depend on the good will and responsible behavior of all the members of the community, who must treat each other with tolerance and respect. They must allow each other to develop the full range of their capabilities and take full advantage of the institution's resources.

Career Guidance
Wondering how that English degree might get you a job?

CHASS CAREER SERVICES: Career Development Center, 2100 Pullen Hall. careers.ncsu.edu

Online materials have made syllabi dynamic works in progress. If useful additional material comes to our attention they can be added into the final column of the grid below.

Readings listed for a given week shall be completed before you attend class that week; assignments are due in class on your class day.

Wk  Day/Date    Assignments Due            Required Readings                      Class Topics   /guests/ presenters                                  other resources         
M Aug. 20
both groups together

get required texts
divide class into 2 sections
your research interests & experience
MLA Handbook Online

Overview of changes for 3rd ed. of MLA Style Manual

Text Format Basics in Word

W Aug  22
M Aug  27

William Chace, "The Decline of the English Department," American Scholar (2009)
Bruce Robbins "Epilogue: the Scholar in Society" ISMLL (312-330)
English Studies today; discuss Chace & Robbins essays

W Aug 29

M Sep 3
no class so your Assn. 1 due W 8/29 also

Assignment ONE due
Summary : Works Cited entries in MLA form

 Assignment ONE answers

Assignment ONE

New Questions for #10 & 11 due 9/7

 MLA Handbook Ch. 5 (123-212)  READ AND REVIEW the  examples of the kinds of works  researchers typically need to cite, in both print and electronic media.  Useful bibliography software: Zotero &
Citation Builder
3 Fundamental Scholarly Sources:
Books, Scholarly Essays in Periodicals or Edited Collections, Dissertations & Theses
 MLA Handbook Online
W Sep 5
 M Sep 10
Assignment TWO due
finding & understanding academic abstracts

discuss abstracts

Examples, successful abstracts

Abstracts Better and Worse

Best and Worst Abstracts, 2012

W Sep 12 ;
 M Sep 17
Assignment THREE due
Summary; writing  abstracts

UNC Writing Center on Abstracts

Writing an Academic Abstract
In-class peer review: abstracts workshop
be sure to bring enough copies

AEGS Conference at NCSU, Feb. 2013

abstracts due Nov.15, 2012

W Sep 19
M Sep 24
full class will come to each day

Assignment FOUR due
10 W.C entries

Both M & W sections

due in class 9/24

Assn. 4 answer key

Please watch these short films:The Acrobatic Fly (Chap 2); 220 Blues (Chap 19)

Please read: Susan Jarratt "Rhetoric"  and David Bartholomae, "Composition," ISMLL (73-102; 103-125)

WED 9/19 Research in Film: guest Dr. Marsha Orgeron

MONDAY 9/24 Research in Rhetoric and Composition: guest, Dr. Nancy Penrose

NCSU Library Research Page for Rhetoric and Composition


W Sep 26
 M Oct 1

Assignment FIVE due
Summary :
short reviews of faculty work

A4 Makeup

Wed. group's Assn. 5 due as file via email by 5pm Friday, Sept. 28

Monday's due Oct. 1 by class time, as file

Readings: select NCSU faculty publications

Microconference: Everyone will read aloud their revised abstract from Assignment 3

Wed. group reads on 9/26

Mon. group on 10/1

Reviews of New Books on 19th-c Literature

Reviewing with flair Scott, A. O. 'Sacre Bleu! Is this Movie Bad" (rev. of Paris 36)

W Oct 3
 M Oct 8
Assignment SIX due  Summary: research proposal first draft explore Penn CFP site for conferences About Academic Conferences: CFPs, submitting abstracts, rewriting papers for oral presentation, attending
 Grading  Rubric for Proposals

Print Reference Works You Should Know

W Oct 10
M Oct 15
A4 Makeup Due

Jean Franco "Cultural Studies"

discuss Franco
Ethnographic Methods ; Interviewing (Griffin, Research Methods for English Studies)

W Oct 24
M Oct 22

Assignment SEVEN due
research proposal 2nd draft
draft files of proposals

In-class Peer review workshop on proposals;

Wed. section workshop is on 10/24

 a real, professional call for research proposals
W Oct 17
M Oct 29

  Anne  Donadey & Francoise Lionnet "Feminisms, Genders, Sexualities" ISMLL (225-244

discuss Donadey & Lionnet 

Wed. section already did so on 10/17


W Oct 31 section will start at 3:30

M Nov 5, usual 3pm start

Assignment EIGHT
TBA as needed
  Kenneth Warren "Race and Ethnicity" in ISMLL

discuss Warren



Special Guest: Dr. John Charles

Introduction to John Charles' Abandonding the Black Hero: Sympathy and Privacy in the Postwar African American White-Life Novel (forthcoming, Rutgers UP, 2012)

M Nov 12 both groups together

From Masters to Doctorate:
Advice for aspiring PhD program applicants: Guest, Geovani Ramirez, MA NCSU 2011; PhD Candidate UNC-CH 


 W Nov 14
M Nov  19

Assignment NINE due 
more MLA bibliograhy practice
Catherine Gallagher "Historical Scholarship" ISMLL

discuss Gallagher
M Nov 26  W Nov 28
KEY Assn. 9 Bruce Robbins "Epilogue: The Scholar in Society," ISMLL

what to do with an MA

 publishing your work
CHASS Career Development Services: www.ncsu.edu/career.
Friday Nov. 30
Assignment TEN due Summary: final research proposal due by NOON Friday, as file attached to email.

 no final exam for this class
ONLINE CLASS EVALUATION FORMS: https://classeval.ncsu.edu