English 582R
Dr. Morillo
Pope and Swift

Student Lead-offs: Speaking & Teaching Assignment

time: you choose a day from Monday, Feb. 11 on

I call these lead-offs to try to reduce the formality and anxiety attendant spontaneously generated by calling them teaching presentations. Your job is to speak and start the class on a chosen day. You may stay in your seat, move to mine, or stand. Whatever is most comfortable. You may pose a question strictly orally or in writing, make a statement, hand out a passage in writing, project a file or use any other teaching aid, stake a position, anything to initiate the day's work on given readings. It can spring solely from your fertile brain or play off others' ideas, including mine, but should show some originality. It should take no more than 10 minutes to present the complete lead-off idea to us.

Following the baseball analogy, you are not expected to do it all, only to get it started with some promise. You aren't teaching the whole class and will need help from your fellow students.  You are on call to be especially prepared for one or more (your choice) texts for that day and should use your wits to encourage comparable preparation and engagement from your fellows.