English 582R
Dr. Morillo
Pope and Swift

Final Paper/Project Proposal

Due Wednesday, April 11, in class

2-3 pages, double-spaced typed/printed text. Standard margins (top & bottom 1" margins; right and left 1.25" margins). If you have any other format questions, ask me.

Option One, Discursive Essay
Your proposal will articulate a research question of interest to you about any work(s) by Swift or Pope, or comparison of those two authors. It will need to formulate a question small enough to be answered in a seminar paper of 12-15 pages.  In one or two pages pose a question, explain why you find it interesting, and propose a preliminary hypothesis about it.  Each proposal will end in a preliminary bibliography of at least 10 items drawing on relevant published scholarly works from the resource resources on the syllabus or works of your own selection.

Option Two, Topical Teaching Edition of Swift or Pope's Poetry
Most collections of poetry by our authors fall between the rock of trying to be representative of their whole careers, and the hard place of trying to be accommodate today's undergraduate student habits, interests, and tastes. The former collections are often impossibly long and merely additive in their principle of selection, the latter often likely to offer the same old  chestnuts a la Norton, or may be limited to topics too tendentious or narrow to last well.
Propose an alternative collection, to be either in print or web form, in which you select poems that best present one particular topic of significance that you believe is critical to understand and appreciate one of these poets and what makes him still worth reading. In the proposal define the topic and what makes it interesting and useful for teaching the poem to undergraduates and list the poems you will select to present it.  For example, topics might be Swift and charity, or Pope and money. For Swift draw from the complete Gutenberg etexts vols. I-II, for Pope from you Twickenham edition. Any length work from any part of their careers is fair game. Number of poems is up to you but should be guided by what would help others to teach your topic best.