English 582R
Dr. Morillo
Pope and Swift

Second Paper Assignment. Critical Review

Due by noon Friday, March 28, at my office, Tompkins 270

5-7 pages, double-spaced typed/printed text. Standard margins (top & bottom 1" margins; right and left 1.25" margins). If you have any other format questions, ask me.

Select any one Pope poem and any one work of published, scholarly criticism on it from the last 10 years. These may be from academic journals or books or book chapters. Make two complete copies of the criticism, one for yourself and one for me. Write a critical review of the secondary criticism, explaining its strengths and weakness in interpreting the poem. Your evaluation will be informed by your own interpretation of the poem but needs to focus on the secondary work, so that others can understand its full argument, critical or theoretical assumptions, and value. You may choose a critical work that you liked or disliked, but maintain civility in your own critical stance and tone. Consider the published work's own tone, language and target audience.  How well does it teach the text or tell you something new, surprising, provocative? For whom is it most useful?