English 582R
Pope and Swift

Final Paper/Project

Due by or before 5pm Wednesday, April 30, at my office

2-3 pages, double-spaced typed/printed text. Standard margins (top & bottom 1" margins; right and left 1.25" margins). If you have any other format questions, ask me.

Option One, Discursive Essay
Your final research paper will be guided by your proposal idea ( I do recognize that those ideas will change some from proposal to paper stage) and will be informed by your reading and research into relevant criticism. No fewer than 6 secondary works should be cited. Follow MLA citation form so that referenced criticism is cited by author and page in the text, and is keyed to an alphabetized Works Cited list.

The completed paper is due printed out on paper, will be  paper of 12-15 pages including the Works Cited.

Option Two, Topical Teaching Edition of Swift or Pope's Poetry
Your completed topical teaching edition of Swift or Pope poems will have two sections: section one will be a page explanation of your topic, principle of selection, any prefatory remarks about the poems, and any other editorial principles in creating your edition. Section two will be the poems themselves: first reproduce the complete title and text of the poem, and then annotate each poem, keeping your annotations focused on how the poem presents and illuminates your chosen topic to its undergraduate student audience. Tell them what they'll need to know about each poem to see what it contributes to the topic.  Even though total page length will vary with your selection of poems, aim for no more than 7-10 poems to include and annotate.  Completed editions may be either printed on paper or a hypertext edition of linked web-viewable files on a cd or posted on your own server space (still hand in a cd for backup).  For web editions choice of annotation style (in-line, linked, java pop-ups) is up to you. Aim for a clean, readable and easily navigable text.