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Dr. Morillo
Pope and Swift
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Spring 2008
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A literary odd couple of the early eighteenth century: one a deformed, diminutive and apparently frail man, standing 4' 6" as an adult, ostracized for his Catholic religion; the other a robust, raucous, frequently scandalous Anglo-Irish Anglican clergyman working in Ireland, sworn by oath against Pope's religion. The one the greatest poet of that or perhaps any century, but not unskilled in prose; the other best known for his prose, yet a poet of over 300 works himself. They became friends who converged through a shared love of learning and language, and both cultivated a rapier wit and indulged in the delights of often devastating satires against fools, knaves and what they both saw as spreading cultural corruption in learning, the arts, government, and morals. We will read far more of their works than in the usual surveys, working mostly chronologically, to appreciate how each writer grew and changed, and changed literature.

Learning Outcomes:

Required Texts: (print texts are available at NCSU Bookstore)

Swift, Jonathan. Selected poems via online Swift Poetical Miscellany, compiled from Gutenberg project. Click on the title and it will jump to the poem. When you get the file, select the text, copied it Word and print it out to bring to class, or have the file visible via a laptop.

---. A Tale of a Tub and Other Works.  Ed. Angus Ross. New York: Oxford University Press, 1986.  ($8.25 used)
(the other works included in it are the Battle of the Books, and the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit)

---. Gulliver's Travels.  Ed. Albert J. Rivero. New York: W. W. Norton, 2002. ($9.90 used)

Pope, Alexander. The Poems of Alexander Pope. Ed. John Butt. New Haven: Yale University Press, ($22.50 used)

You are also encouraged to explore and use works on reserve under Morillo/ENG562:


 These will include the following topics: history, general studies of Eighteenth-Century literature and history, women writers, satire, the letter, the essay, and books on individual authors and works.  It may help to consult such secondary works of scholarship in order to do well on the final research paper assignment.

Online Eighteenth-Century Studies Resources
There are some notably fine research resources for studying this period and many are online.  One of the best for finding scholarship on all the major authors and topics is called C18-L, an interdisciplinary discussion list and web site. It has a searchable database of all the best scholarship for the last 10 years here:
click on "Selected Readings"

The Voice of the Shuttle
, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature pages  http://vos.ucsb.edu/  --> literature (in English)--> Restoration & 18th Century     a wealth of links to many resources
Early English Books Online  via Hill Library www.lib.ncsu.edu --> databases --> E
English Poetry Database, 600-1900. Essentially the complete poetic canon in English   http://www.lib.ncsu.edu  then follow these links: ---> Database Finder--> E-->  Unfortunately it has a very thin selection of Swift poems.
Oxford  English Dictionary (OED)   http://www.lib.ncsu.edu  ---> Database Finder--> O

Further Print Research Resources 18th-Century Literature and Culture

Course Requirements/ % of Grade:

Late papers are accepted only one class late, and with full grade penalty. Any papers arriving later than that will not be accepted. Papers are due at the start of class, in class, printed out on paper.

How I Figure Your Grades

You must complete all the required work to pass the class. No opting out of assigned work.  I will grade plus/minus.

Percentages for each required graded category are figured via a percentage of a 12-pt. scale in which an A+ =12 and
an F=0 points. For example, a B+ on paper 1 would net you 9 x .15 or 1.35 points toward 12.  Or, a C in participation nets you 5 x .10 or .5, while an A on the final paper nets you 12 x .25 or 3 towards an optimum of 12 points.
I then add up the percentage points for each required category to determine your grade from 0 to 12.  For example, an 8.2 final score = B for the class.

Expected participation: come to class on time, with the appropriate texts, having read and thought about them enough to have something specific and intelligent to say or write about them. There may be quizzes to check that you are doing the readings.

Attendance: You are allowed 3 absences. If you are absent, unexcused, more than 3 times over the course of the semester, your absences will count progressively against your final grade. Every 3 absences beyond the allowed 3 loses you a half letter grade on your final grade. Anyone who misses the first two classes can be immediately dropped from the class. For the definition of an unexcused absence, see http://www.ncsu.edu/policies/academic_affairs/pols_regs/REG205.00.4.php

Plagiarism: Anyone convicted will receive an F for the paper, or the course at my discretion. And yes, I have caught people in the past--in this course, in fact.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students See Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students http://www.ncsu.edu/dso/

Academic Integrity Assumption
Universities are unique communities committed to creating and transmitting knowledge. They depend on freedom - individuals' freedom to explore ideas and to explore and further their own capabilities. Those freedoms depend on the good will and responsible behavior of all the members of the community, who must treat each other with tolerance and respect. They must allow each other to develop the full range of their capabilities and take full advantage of the institution's resources.


W Jan 9
Introduction: Swift and Pope  Swift biography
M Jan 14 Swift
A Tale of a Tub: read through all of the prefatory material--title page, an Apology, To the Right Hon. John Lord Somers, The Bookseller to the Reader, Epistle Dedicatory, The Preface, The Introduction (through page 34, up to Sect. II, the start of the Tale itself)  Map of the Tub
W Jan 16
  Tub cont.  39 Articles of faith,  Anglican Church (Church of England)
M Jan 21

M. L. King holiday, no class
W Jan 23
Tub finished (p. 103)  interpretation and the Tub
M Jan 28
The Battle of the Books (pp 104-125)  Mechanical Operation of the Spirit (126-141)
W Jan 30
cont.  William Temple Essay on Ancient and Modern Learning
M Feb 4
 poems:  Ode to Sir William Temple, The Description of a Salamander, A Description of a City Shower, A Description of the Morning
W Feb 6
poems:  Phyllis, or the Progress of Love, The Progress of Beauty, The Progress of Poetry, The Progress of Marriage
[Cheryl Vanwickler]
M Feb 11
Gulliver's Travels, Voyage I  Begin Student Lead-offs
W Feb 13
 Gulliver Voyage II
F Feb 15
Paper 1 Due
M Feb 18
Gulliver Voyage III  [JoEllen Lowry]
W Feb 20
Gulliver Voyage IV   
M Feb 25
poems: To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed his Poems, Stella's Birthday 1719, Cadenus and Vanessa, dressing room poems, Stella's Birthday 1718
[Jessica Osnoe]  all Swift's birthday poems to Stella
W Feb 27
  poems: The Auhor Upon Himself,  On Burning a Dull Poem, Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift
[Karla Heinen]
M-F Mar 3-7
no class, spring break
M Mar 10 Pope Pope Biography
First works: January and May (pp76-98) ; Chaucer, Merchant's Tale
continuous text in html
Episode of Sarpedon, (pp 60-69);  Homer, Iliad XII, XVI
highlighted text: Bk 12  Bk 16
Pastorals (pp 119-138); Virgil, Eclogues
highlighted text
W Mar 12
Pastorals cont. (with Virgil Eclogues I, IV, VI, excerpts Spenser Shepherd's Calendar) Pope's Discourse on Pastoral (pp119-23)
M Mar 17
Temple of Fame
W Mar 19
Essay on Criticism
M Mar 24
Windsor Forest
W Mar 26
Homer's Iliad translation, selections   other translations of Homer
F Mar 28
Paper 2 Due
M Mar 31
Rape of the Lock  [Julie Perry]
W Apr 2
Rape of the Lock cont. [Leigh Youngs]
M Apr 7
Eloisa to Abelard
W Apr 9
Dunciad of 1728  Dunciad Variorum of 1729, selections  Final Paper Proposal Due
M Apr 14

Moral Essays: Epistle to Burlington; Epistle to Cobham 
W Apr 16
Epistle to Bathurst; Epistle to a Lady
M Apr 21
Essay on Man Epistles I-IV
W Apr 23

First Satire of the Second Book of Horace, Imitated 
Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot

W Apr 30
Final Paper Due

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