English 563 Eighteenth-Century British Novel Spring 2012
Dr. Morillo

Selective Written Literature Review: Due when your team presents, see syllabus
2-3 pages

This paperr will be a collaborative project: with a partner you will compile a selective literature review, a kind of annotated bibliography, of what you consider the most interesting, useful and recent work on one of our novels. Each team will choose at least 6 different works of scholarship from the last 15 years (1995-2010) of published secondary critical work, including print or online articles, book chapters, etc. on a chosen novel.
You will divide up the work so that each person in the team chooses at least 3 publications to read and writes a 150-to-300-word summary of the argument of each of these 3 publications. Each team will then compile the 6 total annotated entries into a single paper to be handed in with both names on it. Help each other proof.
You may list all 6 items in any of three ways: alphabetized; ordered by date of publication; ranked by quality.
The rule of 3 entries per person, although appearing arbitrary, actually reflects a reality: you'll find that a suprising number of scholars demonstrate  their command over any given topic and situate their own work in a field by being able to cite 3 relevant critical works.

While each team must do at least 6 such annotated entries, should you choose do more,  you may be awarded with extra credit for the higher degree of difficulty attempted if you do it well.

Follow MLA 7th-ed. form for each entry.

You will turn one copy of this annotated bliography in to me and provide each student with a print copy (doc, pdf, htm) OR post a web copy (or both). Sharing this research should  prove useful to everyone's final paper.

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