English 563 Eighteenth-Century British Novel Spring 2012
Dr. Morillo

10-minute Oral Presentations: See Syllabus for Due Dates

Each member of each reviewing team will be responsible for presenting the argument of whichever critical work you deem most valuable to further study of these novels. Each team should select whichever scholarship they agree represents the best 2 works from the 6 (or more)- item annotated bibliography. It is up to each presenter whether you decide to simply talk, provide a handout, or use any other supporting media in print or online. As in a good written review, you want to be sure to capture for us the complete argument clearly and cogently before you explain why you find it especially valuable.
You will be graded on how well you understand the material, can speak about it, and the persuasiveness of your evaluation. You are not only summarizing someone else's argument, but also making an argument of your own, a case for why of the many, many critical works out there your selection is more worth taking the time read.
You may base your evaluation of the work's worth on its likely value to any of several audiences:  fellow MAs like yourself, college undergraduates, majors, non-majors, high school students.

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