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Eighteenth-Century British Novel MW 3-4:15 Tompkins G117
Spring 2012
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Prerequisite: Graduate Standing

Learning outcomes

Required Texts, all at NC State Bookstore:

1. The Novels
Cavendish, Margaret. A Description of the New World Called the Blazing World (1666), in Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader. Broadview ed.
Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe (1719), Norton ed.
Haywood, Eliza.  Love in Excess (1719), Broadview ed.
Richardson, Samuel. Pamela (1741), Oxford ed.
Fielding, Henry. Joseph Andrews & Shamela (1742), Oxford ed.
Sterne, Laurence. Tristram Shandy (1760-67), Norton ed.
Inchbald, Elizabeth. A Simple Story (1792), Broadview ed.

2. Required Criticism

Nixon, Cheryl, ed. Novel Definitions: An Anthology of Commentary on the Novel 1688-1815. Broadview, 2009. Print.

Recommended  Readings on the 18th-Century novel, in D. H. Hill Library


Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECC0) www.lib.ncsu-->databases---> E  Primary Texts for the whole century

Early English Books Online 
via Hill Library www.lib.ncsu.edu --> databases --> E  Primary texts, alas, only the year 1700.

18th-Century Studies Discussion List, "Selected Readings," bibliography of current studies in the field. http://www.personal.psu.edu/special/C18/sr/sr.htm

The Voice of the Shuttle
http://vos.ucsb.edu   chose Literature--English--Restoration and 18th Century--Authors, Works Projects

Print Research Resources on other Eighteenth-Century Genres, Literature, and Culture

Course Requirements/ % of Grade:

Attendance: You are allowed 3 absences. If you are absent, unexcused, more than 3 times over the course of the semester, your absences will count progressively against your final grade . Every 2 unexcused absences beyond the allowed 3 loses you a half letter grade for the final course grade. Anyone who misses the first two classes can be immediately dropped from the class. For univeristy attendance policy and the definition of an unexcused absence

You must complete all the required work to pass the class.  I will grade plus/minus.

Plagiarism: Anyone convicted will receive an F for the paper, or the course at my discretion.
And yes, I have caught people in the past.

Late Papers: Papers received ONE class session late will be accepted but docked a full grade.
No late papers will be accepted after one class session late.

Disabilities: Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities. In order to take advantage of available accommodations, students must register with Disability Services for Students at 1900 Student Health Center, Campus
            Box 7509, 515-7653. http://www.ncsu.edu/dso/

Academic Integrity Assumption
Universities are unique communities committed to creating and transmitting knowledge. They depend on freedom - individuals' freedom to explore ideas and to explore and further their own capabilities. Those freedoms depend on the good will and responsible behavior of all the members of the community, who must treat each other with tolerance and respect. They must allow each other to develop the full range of their capabilities and take full advantage of the institution's resources.


M. Jan. 9
Introduction ; some traits of 18th-c novels
Margaret Cavendish, A Description of a New World, Called The Blazing World

W. Jan 11
Blazing World ((Part I pp. 151-230))
Readings in Novel Definitions:  Manley, Preface to Secret History (99-103)

M. Jan 16
 KING DAY, NO CLASS  Readings in Novel Definitions:  Introduction (15-57)
W. Jan  18

 finish Blazing World   Part II pp. 231-251    
M. Jan 23
 Daniel Defoe, The Life and Strange, Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Read through p. 71  Presbyterianism      Dissenters

W. Jan.25
Crusoe read through p. 133  Typology
M. Jan 30
Crusoe read through p. 180   Discourse of Religion in Crusoe

W. Feb. 1


M. Feb. 6

Haywood, Love in Excess  pp. 37-79

cont. 80-159
M. Feb.13
cont. 160-211
W. Feb.15

   finish    Presentation : Jacob Clayton

F. Feb. 17
Paper 1 Due: Close Reading
M. Feb 20
Samuel Richardson, Pamela: or, Virtue Rewarded (through p.98 Oxford ed.)
W. Feb 23
Pamela (through p.208)
M. Feb 27
Pamela (through p.313)  Does Pamela change? Does Mr. B change? Why is Lady Davers in the story?
W. Feb 29
Pamela (through p.415)  Writing Practice: Argument
M. Mar 5
W. Mar 7
M. Mar12
Pamela (finish)      Presentation: Amber Woolsey
W. Mar 14
Fielding, Shamela      Presentation : Stuart Hubbard
M. Mar 19

Henry Fielding, The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews   A source for Joseph

Have finished Preface, and  Bks. I and II (through p. 165 Oxford ed.)  Guide to Discourses in Fielding's text 

W. Mar 21
Joseph Andrews Bk. III
M. Mar 26
Joseph Andrews  BK IV    Presentation : Khaki Stelten
W. Mar 28
Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman Vol. I (Norton p. 57)
M. Apr 2
Tristram Shandy Research Paper Proposal Due Vols. II- III (p. 175)
W. Apr 4
Tristram Shandy Vols. IV-V (p. 286)
M. Apr  9
Tristram Shandy Vols. VI-VII (p. 379) Tristram Shandy Web
W.Apr 11
Tristram Shandy  Vols. VIII-IX (finish, p 457).    Presentation : Vincent Bugica  
M. Apr 16

Inchbald, A Simple Story vol I and II  (59-221)

W. Apr 18
cont. vol. III and IV (
M. Apr 23
W.Apr 25
Presentation Erin Kayajian

Th May 6 Final Paper due Monday, May 7, by noon, in Exam week: As emailed file, or in folder on my  office door, Tompkins 270


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