English 562
Eighteenth-Century Literature

Third Paper Assignment.

Due Friday, March 27 printed out on paper, in the folder on my office door, at noon.
 5-7 pages
, double-spaced typed/printed text.Standard margins (top & bottom 1" margins; right and left 1.25" margins).If you have any other format questions, ask me.

Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on an Eighteenth-Century  Text
For this 5-7 page paper, first choose any work on the syllabus that you would like to explore further, and then select one published criticism of that work.  It may be in print or online, but it needs to be from no earlier than 1995 if at all possible.  Evaluate the chosen critical essay.  You will  need to do several things before you can write your paper: be able to summarize the critic’s argument and address its strengths and weaknesses. Although you will weigh the argument against your own interpretation of that primary text, your own interpretation is not the focus of this paper and needs to be brought in judiciously enough to keep the main focus on the argument of the critic you are evaluating.  Also consider the following issues: how to structure your paper; how to include adequte summary of the critical piece ; how to evaluate the author’s assumptions, claims, theoretical stance, evidence etc.; how to evaluate its prose style and readability.  Be critical but also respectful of other peoples’ ideas. Criticism  need not be synonymous with attack.

The genre for this paper is a review.  Most academic journals publish reviews of books in every issue, and you can model your text on that by reading some. You'll see that whether the target text is a long book or shorter essay, the critical review of it is frequently between 500 and 1500 words. Though the review is certainly a genre, there's good room for variation within it.
Along with your critical review, be sure to turn in a Xerox or other copy of the published criticism if it is a short essay or book chapter, or turn in a copy of the journal number or the book if it is too long to copy easily.
Suggested sources for criticism:
Print Journals


Eighteenth-Century Life
Eighteenth-Century Studies
The Age of Johnson
Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-   1700
1650-1850 : Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era
British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies
The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation
Studies in English Literature
English Literary History

see the research list here

For more sources and descriptions of these, see http://www.c18.org/so/revues18.html 
For the latest studies, and an excellent search engine for browsing them, see the Selected Readings link at C18-L: