English 562
Eighteenth-Century Literature

Second Paper Assignment.

Due Friday, Feb. 13, printed out on paper in the folder on my office door (Tompkins 270) at noon. 5-7 pages, double-spaced typed/printed text.Standard margins (top & bottom 1" margins; right and left 1.25" margins).If you have any other format questions, ask me.

Having now read an array of 18th-century satires in prose and verse, use your knowledge of that genre to evaluate Charles Abbot's essay on satire. How accurately does he understand the genre and what you consider is essential to it? Do his classifications illuminate your understanding of this genre? Do his remarks translate into practical criticism of any one work? Are his sub-classifications of the genre helpful? Is he a good critic?

Charles Abbott's  Essay on Satire (1784) a PDF file   Abbot's biography


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