ENG 462 Midterm Format

 Part I

You will answer 2 of 3 for each number. Each number will have 3 questions labeled a, b, c. Write the number and letter. Don’t rewrite the question. Some require just a sentence, others a short paragraph. Full or partial credit for each possible.

1.   Dryden Macflecknoe

2.   Pope On the Characters of Women

3.   Pope Rape of the Lock

4.   Swift, both poems

5.   About genre

Part II You will answer 1 of 2 lettered questions for each number.

6.   Pepys diary

7.   Carter letter

8.   Montagu letters/poems

9.   Pope letters

10.                     Barber poems

11.                     Dryden’s “Pygmalion & the Statue”

12.                     Rochester poems

13.                     Abbot essay

14.                     Cavendish fiction

15.                     Haywood fiction


You are thus answering 20 questions total @ 5 points each for 100 points. You’ll have at least 3 minutes/each of the 20 required questions.There may be a single bonus question.