English 462 Final Exam Format for Friday, Dec. 10, Tompkins G123 @ from 1pm to 4 pm. donít show up at 1:30 by habit

Dr. Morillo


Part I. answer 2 of 3 short answer (1-2 paragraphs) questions for each of 7 genre categories: prose fiction (Johnson); sermon; ode; sonnet; epitaph; elegy; protest poetry †

All based on works read after the break, from Johnson to Crabbe

14 answersx 4 pts each = 56 points


Part II

Answer 4 more short answer 2-3 paragraphs (all required) questions based more on comparing works and synthesizing ideas, and more likely to draw on works from both before and after midterm break

4 x 5 points each = 20 points


Part IIIApplication of ideas to new material. Works will be new to you, but by authors youíve read for class

Close-reading of 1 complete short poem (chosen from 2) and 1 excerpt of prose

2 x 12 points = 24 points

100 points total, 20 different questions total


Maybe a bonus