Part I  Short Answer (no more than a paragraph, sometimes less)

You've learned at least 8 important 18th-Century Genres:



Sermon/Devotional literature

Women's Literature

Apologue (Raseelas)



Letters and Epistles

For each of the 8 Genres you will Pick 2 of 3 questions.  The array of 3 for each genre will include a) a question directly about genre b) a question which includes a very short sample of a literary text c) another question. Questions will take from 1-5 minutes to answer, in no more than a paragraph

At 1-6 minutes per, have up to 2 hours

2 of 3 from each of 8 catergories = 16 questions @ 4 points each = 64pts

You will all answer 4 additional questions in which works or genres may be compared

4 other @ 4 points each = 16 pts

Total of 20 questions this section, all @ 4 pts = 80 pts

Part II  Interpretation of Text

a) one short, complete poem. You will have read the author and./or the genre, but not the work

b) one prose paragraph. Ditto

2 questons @ 10 pts each, with 30 mintues to write each answer.

100 pts total. 3 hr exam.   Most likely a bonus, question.