English 462                                                                                                                    
18th-Century Literature                                                                                                        
Dr. Morillo

Creative Project Assignment
All Due in class Monday, Nov. 22
Graded, worth 15% of final grade

This assignment asks you to create something that is not a written argument on paper, but that nevertheless shows a thoughtful and original response to one or several works or authors you've read for this class.  Projects should aim to draw on a unique strength or interest of yours, whether from another academic field besides literature (e.g. history, psychology, sociology, communications), from the fine arts, from design and engineering. 

Presentation of projects:

You will present your project to the class in whatever manner you feel best displays its virtues to the public. Presentations will be brief enough that up to 10 students can present each of these designated days:
Monday Nov. 22
Monday Nov. 29
Wed. Dec 1

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