Honors 293i                                                                                                                    
Romantic Literature and Memory 
Dr. Morillo                                                                                   

Creative Project Assignment

This assignment asks you to create something that is not a written argument on paper, but that nevertheless shows a thoughtful and original response to the Romantic texts you've read for this class.  Projects should aim to draw on a unique strength or interest of yours, whether from another academic field besides literature (e.g. history, psychology, sociology, communications), from the fine arts, from design and engineering. 

What you will turn in will be a 1-page written summary of why you chose the project and what you aimed to show with it, but the form of the rest of the project will be up to you. The project may be in the form of creative writing (fiction, poem, play, comic strip); web page(s), power-point files, programs, animation(s), film, video, visual art, music, 3-D model, clothing design.

The project may be about a text, or its author, or both.