English 262: Beyond Britain                                  

Dr. Morillo

Creative Project Assignment. Due at the start of class, Wed. March 29

 Letter Graded. Worth 10 % of final grade

This assignment asks you to create something that is not a written argument on paper, but that nevertheless shows a thoughtful and original response to one or several works or authors you've read for this class. Projects should aim to draw on a unique strength or interest of yours, whether from another academic field besides literature (e.g. history, psychology, sociology, communications), from the fine arts and creative writing, or from computing and programming, and design and engineering. 

For those of you in education and planning to teach, consider a project that creates lesson plans or materials for using other media and modes besides argument and expository writing to help make the British literature you have studied, especially the aspects of it concerned with colonies and empire, more engaging for your prospective students.