English 251Q: Major British Writers, Freshman Inquiry Class               Fall 2004

Winston 20.  T, Th 11:20-12:35
Section 008
Dr. Morillo (morillo@unity.ncsu.edu)

Fourth Paper Assignment

Length: 5-6 full pages double-spaced computer printed or typed; standard margins: top and bottom = 1 inch
right and left = 1.25 inches
Points: 15% of your final grade even though you won't receive a letter grade for it
Due date: Tuesday, November 30, at the start of class
Pick one of these questions to answer.

1) Generations of readers have wondered whether the end of Joyce's story of Gretta and Gabriel suggests hope, despair, or something in between. Explain as clearly and precisely as you can how we should understand the tone and its implications for the characters at the ending of The Dead.

2) Joyce's prose is often close to poetry in its inventive use of figurative language, metaphors, and symbolism. Develop an interpretation of one element of Joyce's story that that seems significant: the snow. Does Joyce’s representation of snow in The Dead carry symbolic meanings? You will need to find the various and scattered references to snow in the story and then develop an argument explaining how we should interpret snow throughout the story.

3 ) Come up with your own paper topic on The Dead or anything on the syllabus from the October 28th readings until the end of the class. If you choose this option you MUST submit your question to me in writing on or before Tuesday, November 9, 5 pm. You may do this via email, but I must see the question written out as a question. I will decide whether it is suitable in scope and focus for this final paper. 

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