English 251Q: Major British Writers, Freshman Inquiry Class               Fall 2004

Winston 20.  T, Th 11:20-12:35
Section 008
Dr. Morillo (morillo@unity.ncsu.edu)

Second Paper Assignment

Length: 3-5 full pages double-spaced computer printed or typed; standard margins: top and bottom = 1 inch
right and left = 1.25 inches
Points: 10% of your final grade
Due: Tuesday, September 21, at the start of class.

Robert Herrick shows a special fondness in his poetry for the word "enthrall" and its variants (enthralled, enthralling, etc.) . Explain this word's role in  Herrick's representations of love in "Delight in Disorder" and "The Vine" (see syllabus for pages).  Be sure to work directly with the most relevant definitions of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary, but also pay attention to whether or not its meaning changes in these two poems.

Your paper needs to be an argument. You will need to state a clear thesis in the introduction, a specific claim that someone could disagree with, and defend that thesis in the paper. Think about you how place your points in each paragraph, and how well each of those points supports your thesis. Refer to my handout about mapping critical thinking onto writing. Remember that your best evidence for whatever claims you make should come from the text itself; however, remember that the more you quote directly from the text the more you are obliged to explain and make use of the quotation in your own argument. For citation, simply use parentheses and page and/or line numbers in the text for poems. We are all using the same Norton text, so a Works Cited page is only necessary if you quote directly or paraphrase other sources.

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